Craft premium WordPress websites built with passion and precision right in the heart of Transylvania.


We’re taking WordPress to a whole new level developing complex custom websites. While “theme WordPress” and “plugin WordPress” are the things you might hear the most, we’re actually taking some extra steps:

  • Custom post types and custom fields
  • Social media integration
  • External API/data sources integration
  • Full responsive design
  • Complex custom forms
  • WordPress multisite and multi-Wordpress integration
  • Speed/Security driven coding

… and many more things that might sound strange but can turn a basic WordPress blog into a full blown website for medium to large companies.

We have code…
for breakfast

PHP, HTML, HTML5, JS, JQUERY, MYSQL, these are the tools of trade.

OOP, responsive layouts, jQuery mobile, this is how we swing our sword. We optimize the code for any device so you don’t have to worry about presenting your website on your phone/tablet right after a business lunch.

We hook to any data source you can provide, we customize any external solution you might come up with and yes, we do all this while having coffee.

Trust us

  • we’re always coding using the latest techniques and strategies
  • a mix of restapi, yahoo pipes, amazon s3…no worries
  • we use code versioning and that’s not just for fun
  • the code you get is 100% bug free and security bullet-proof
  • we only have gourmet coffee and that tells a lot about our products

Planning &

Most agencies would ask you for an RFP, a list of websites you like and your current website.

Why not go the other way?
Send us an RFP and we would be happy to assess your existing platform, take a sneak a peek to you competition and come up with innovative ideas that would make your project a unique one.

We do it all

  • initial audit of your platform and competition
  • wireframe, sitemap and features planning
  • layout design
  • social media integration planning
  • full project planning with milestones and testing points

Our main goal is to make your website popular and easy to use. While most agencies take your money and your time, we’ll just take your money and let you do business.

We think that WordPress is a cool tool that would fit almost any kind of requirements. Still, if we find out that WordPress would be a bad tool for you, we are happy to suggest an alternative list of agencies that could take better care of your needs.

Need us for a
Business ?

WordPress is not exactly space technology and despite the cockiness above we’re just normal people doing better websites every day. Here is how we can help you…

We do

  • hourly based work (at least 8 hours / batch)
  • project based work (we quote, we code, we get paid…the usual stuff)
  • collaborative projects
  • consultancy projects (advisory, project management, strategy etc)

Send a signal

We’re based in Transylvania so we work during the Central Europe business hours. Since we’re doing business with partners all over the world we’re used to do meetings at any time based on client needs so feel free to contact us anytime.