Tailored web platforms for global events, trade-shows and conferences

We are a one stop shop that provides the strategy, planning and development of your website. Consultants, developers and tech engineers with 11+ years of experience will make sure your get quality results, on time.


  • Analyze the audience
  • Define the business needs
  • Layout a project plan
  • Setup a timeline


  • Build wireframes and layouts
  • Develop the web component
  • Integrate with the backend
  • Test and test and test…


  • Deliver the project in phases following the event needs
  • Integrate with external sources
  • Ensure on-site support
  • Deliver post-event version

We’re partnering with our clients to digitally transform the way they work and serve their clients.
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Our Services

Got 100 or 300.000 attendees? We’re here to make sure all of them have a great online experience

Event Online Strategy

We craft a solid online strategy to make sure your event website is not just an online flyer but rather a money making useful tool for you

UI/UX Design

We put the years of experience into your service to create beautiful usable interfaces that both match your brand and make your website memorable

Web Development

These days it sounds underrated but hard work is being put into delivering a custom website that matches your business needs. We innovate for unique results


We help you know your clients better and expand your business through ethic standard procedures and tools like Google Analytics, Clicky & Salesforce


We recognize value and we integrate with external APIs to make sure you get the best solution whether it is a map, a Salesforce feed or any external data

24/7 Support

We take things seriously and for a smooth experience we ensure 24/7 online & phone support as well as onsite presence of our engineers to your event

Unique events, unique integrations

Registration, maps, beacons, forms, analytics, API data, CMS, networking, favorites, wishlist, customer support, FAQ, real time stats and many more! Running these between the website and the app is pretty intense. Add a multi-event platform to the mix, add multi-language and you need serious strategy and skills to make it happen.


We got solutions for integrating your existing data suppliers into a working platform. We build complex strategies that involve multi-event, multi-language, multi-platform and multi-technology systems. It is a pretty broad area but feel free to contact us for a complimentary assessment of your needs


We add value to your platform by integrating external functionality like: registration systems, mapping systems, faq/support systems and many more


Your attendees experience matters most to us. Besides the data they need clever ways to plan their attendance. Whether we talk about a favorites system or a networking system, we got you covered with both integrations and custom solutions

Deployments Security

Deployments Security

Programming interfaces have become all the rage nowadays, with enterprise developers now relying heavily on them to support the delivery of new products and services.

That’s no surprise, since they allow programmers to integrate functionality from externally provided services instead of having to build those functions themselves. Consequently, businesses need guidelines to ensure their deployments do not create security problems.

Essential practices to ensure security of our services:

Information Assurance 100%
Work with standards judiciously 100%
Recognize the risks 100%
Focus on authorization and authentication on the front end 100%
Consistent Security Architecture 100%

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