14 Reasons why you should redo your event website

1. Your website is not generating profit on its own Event websites should be a profit center and not a cost center. Sponsorship, promoted exhibitors, ticket sales, sponsored conference sessions and videos are just a way to monetize on the website and also provide value …

CSS Preprocesors

6 Reasons You Should Use a CSS Preprocessor

CSS preprocessors are scripting languages that extend the default capabilities of CSS. They enable us to use logic in our CSS code, such as variables, nesting, inheritance, mixins, functions, and mathematical operations. CSS preprocessors make it easy to automate repetitive tasks, reduce the number of …

Agenda Search

Trade show agenda

Trade shows, conventions and expos that have a conference component need a conference agenda. The content has to be easily managed, displayed it nice on all devices and the attendees must get the best experience possible browsing the conference sessions.