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We provide consultancy on all aspects of planning an event online presence. This goes from choosing the right domain and hosting system to sitemaps and SEO strategy.

Global events experience made us develop leather skin when it comes to what issues can come up, where the hidden bugs hide and how we can prevent disasters. We’re here to give you all the insights and the “behind the curtains” stories to make sure you have a successful web presence



At the end of the day it’s all about UI and UX to make sure the content is delivered properly to the visitors. Remember, for 1st time visitors the website is the only image that they get before joining the show. It’s more than a package of a product you never used but rather a package that lets you preview the event, allows you to plan it and is also a canvas for sponsors to place their brands.

We follow the latest good practice methods and design modern websites that will put your event up with the top global events


Quality web products take experience, brains and hard work. Our engineers take pride in the work they do every day for some of the biggest global trade-show companies. We mix classic and new technologies and the only goal is to put out amazing products our clients can use with confidence.

Most of our clients enjoy WordPress so we became experts in pushing this beautiful platform to the next level. Our “from-scratch” themes are highly optimized and perform great under those traffic spikes you get the week before and during your event.

The devil is in the details but our engineers have both the tech and business knowledge to make sure we deliver great products, all the time.


At the end of the day the success is something you can measure or it didn’t happen. We use Google Analytics, Clicky & Salesforce to track the website performance and visitors engagement but that’s not it. Besides sharing and explaining the results with our clients we most importantly learn the lessons and propose improvements for the future.

We approach the analytics professionally, in a sensible way towards visitors privacy under the strict GDPR rules.


In the past 11 years we came across hundreds of external services that needed integration. From custom to off-the-shelf registration systems, from well know data suppliers to custom CMS. We integrate our custom WordPress code with Salesforce, SAP, Deepmaps, Linkedin, Facebook, Google APIs and others to achieve the desired complete solutions everybody needs.

We use strict procedures when it comes to external tools so that the final products are bulletproof in terms of performance and security while keeping the legal teams happy.


We take pride in our support services.
We’re a friendly bunch and will integrate with client teams quickly. We’re providing the day to day support as well the emergency support that’s needed every once in a while.

Usually we have engineers on the trade show grounds in the 1st day of your event to both make sure things are going smoothly and to collect feedback. Being on the same timezone and within physical reach is a very important aspect of our service as, in busy times, nothing compares to real face to face interaction.

We provide the tools that empower you to focus on what’s important for your business.

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